Choosing wedding colors should be easy, right?

Choosing your wedding colors is the very first step towards creating your dream wedding. This should be easy, right? WRONG! What most brides' and grooms' fail to realize is picking your colors must be harmonious with the venue and of course your style. Your style should be who you are daily and what you are passionate about. Knowing this, will help you choose those impeccable colors. Of course, theme, holidays, season and the time of day are stereotypical factors for color selection.

I always say leave a splash of color wherever you go. In this case, my recommendations to leave your mark and add your specific signature of style to your wedding is to add a splash of fearless or audacious color throughout your wedding decor including the announcements and bridal bouquet. After all, it is YOUR dream wedding, isn't it? Creating limitless, lasting memories is what it is all about.

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