It's all in the details

Who said small weddings can't bring colossal creativity? Even though COVID-19 has forced the wedding guest list to decrease, it definitely does not mean go primitive.

The best way to create a chic wedding with a stellar guest experience is to not go skimp on the details. With couples postponing weddings in 2020 and possibly even into 2021, their planning visions have inherently been downsized. Whether your celebration takes place in a backyard at home, church or venue, a smaller guest list allows for extra creativity.

The best ways to create your dream wedding would be to 1. Go all out. 2. Be fearless with your fashion. 3. Indulge in fine dining or "festival" like food for your guests. 4. Customize the little things. 5. Curate thoughtful welcome bags. 6. Get creative with safety measures. 7. Play with BOLD colors. 8. Reimagine guest seating. 9. Don't skip the band or the personal style that "you" are known for. 10. Consider domestic destinations for the honeymoon.

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