It's time to Propose

The time has come and now I need to propose. "What do I do?" asks the (potential groom or bride). The proposal is the biggest step towards marriage and a happily ever after. It is understandably a pretty big step. So when is the best time to propose? and Where? Well, statistics would tell you Christmas and Valentine's Day are the biggest wedding proposal days of the year. Proposing for some is a big deal and they want all of their family and friends to witness the big occasion. For others, it is a private engagement and they would rather have a romantic dinner or simply a private location to propose. Either way, ambiance, ring and flowers are a MUST! Let us help you!

Not only is Valentine's Day fast approaching, the big ticket item to make or break the proposal is of course the ring. Picking out a ring is sensitive and daunting at first. It is best to call upon the experts and schedule a personal appointment. You will not want to miss out on the upcoming sales that will keep you in budget for your big day.

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