Tips for last minute wedding venue shopping: Help! I can't find a venue!

First, it is important to try and aim one year out! Most venues book out one year in advance and finding a venue last minute is near impossible. Does this really matter though? In Kansas? Not really! Yes, having a beautiful wedding venue would be ideal, but finding an impeccable spot of land with picturesque views can be just as beautiful, if not, even more splendid for your rustic wedding. Kansas is known for its ornate beauty of wild flowers and grasses, whether it's the smooth aster or the rough agalinis, Kansas rolling hills and native beauty is sure to create an alluring wedding for any couple.

Secondly, you may need to look for alternatives to create a "faux" environment or style of wedding when your venue is unavailable. This is not impossible, it is limitless and lined with colossal creativity for any passionate wedding planner. This is a wedding planners dream! After all, we love to be able to show off our wedding client's style and fashion.

Last, but definitely not least, be sure to select a venue that you will be happy with. The venue you select, needs to have you written all over it. Of course, space, seating and budget need to be a determining factor, but it really needs to align with your overall wedding theme as well. Happy Venue Shopping!

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