Why is taking "me" time so difficult these days?

When you find yourself in dire need of "me" time and only have 15 -30 minutes to spare, what do you do? For me, it's so hard to even find 15 minutes, let alone an hour! I have learned these simple techniques that DO WORK!

Most people don't realize that taking 15-20 minutes to walk and get fresh air, or getting a nice hot or cold drink is taking time to breathe. Doing this refreshes the brain and allows for negativity to exhale as you inhale the positive. Your thoughts are powerful and when you find yourself becoming increasingly less focused, its time for a break! Other breathing exercises can also be combined with imagery and/or meditation and you do not have to be a trained professional to know what works for YOU! Listen to your body and what you naturally turn to for breathing!

Another outlet or "me" time technique is taking time for a mini-meditation; simply living in the now with mindful meditation! Talk with a friend, enjoy your current situation, compliment others, talk with a child...they certainly know how to brighten anyone's day as they are constantly living in the moment! By taking a mini-meditation, you are taking time for yourself and enjoying the moment!

Aromatherapy is a HUGE go to! Applying relaxing lotion to your hands or feet not only help with clearing the mind, they provide a sensory reset to your brain!

Laughter is never looked upon as anything other than being silly, but ultimately, laughter is mood enlightening and can help with conflict resolutions too. Learning to not take things so seriously all the time is a GOOD thing! Laughter is a social connection between others and your environment! Learn to laugh! Trust me, it helps!

Exercise is what we all love to do, but finding the time is often difficult! My suggestion to you is to take time for YOU! YOU are important and "me" time is crucial for success both personally and professionally!


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